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Stan is of Miwok-Mission heritage from his ancestral home in the Owens Valley of California. He is a pastor and evangelist who has traveled extensively in the Western United States as well as overseas in Europe, New Zealand and the Philippines. In the years previous to his becoming a Christian he wrote secular music. He was asked to be a contracted songwriter when he was 20 yrs old. During the time of his preparing to sign a contract with a recording company, Stan became a born again Christian. He felt he had to make a decision about writing secular songs/music or write for the Glory of God. Of course, his decision was to write for the Lord and since 1969, Stan has continued writing and playing music for the Lord. Stan has written over 400 songs for the ministry.

One of the songs, written about 20 yrs ago called, “Don’t Stop Now” is included on his latest CD, “Walkin’ In Fire”. One of the influential artists who motivated Stan was Bob Dylan, especially during the time that Bob Dylan was writing Christian music.

Another song covered by a number of different artists is “More to Me” which Stan wrote in the late seventies. “It is still one of the most requested songs that I sing.” Stan says, “I remember when I was about ten years old walking down the dirt road where we lived on the Paiute Indian Reservation and making up songs”.



Stan Summers Walkin' In Fire


This CD won The Native American Music Awards-Best Independent Recording, in 2004, A wonderful Album filled with music that will touch your soul and most of all give you Hope.

  1. Walkin' In Fire Stan Summers 5:24
  2. Rise Up My Love Stan Summers 4:34
  3. What Am I Doing Here Stan Summers 5:49
  4. Gods Rock Star Stan Summers 5:51
  5. Until Your Love Shined On Me Stan Summers 5:45
  6. Beyond the Blue Sky Stan Summers 4:16
  7. On This Way to Freedom Stan Summers 4:14
  8. Keeps You From Fallin Stan Summers 3:54
  9. Don't Stop Now Stan Summers 4:47

Stan Summers Music


The light of Christ shines through in each of these songs. This latest CD is surely Stan’s best to date. New album Simple Things of Life is nominated for Gospel Inspirational and Best Songwriter by The Native American Music Awards.

  1. Simple Things Of Life Stan Summers 4:13
  2. Looking For You Stan Summers 4:22
  3. Like A Falling Star Stan Summers 4:37
  4. Circuit Ridin Preacher Stan Summers 6:17
  5. Charity Stan Summers 4:01
  6. More Precious Than Gold Stan Summers 3:33
  7. High And Lifted Up Stan Summers 5:07
  8. Man Of Fear Stan Summers 4:00
  9. That's Not Alright Stan Summers 4:03
  10. Somewhere In Between Stan Summers 4:34
  11. Reason For Everything Stan Summers 6:09

gospel musician and pastor stan summers


This CD Comprises some of the songs from the first 5 Cd’s. This is a variety of some of the most requested songs Stan Sings. Including: Walkin’ In Fire, More To Me, Train Song, and etc.

  1. God's Rock Star Stan Summers 5:53
  2. The Train Song Stan Summers 3:57
  3. Just Call My Name Stan Summers 4:21
  4. Ready To Fly Stan Summers 3:54
  5. Walkin In Fire Stan Summers 5:24
  6. Keep You From Falling Stan Summers 3:56
  7. More To Me Stan Summers 4:14
  8. He'll Comfort You Stan Summers 4:25
  9. Made Out Of Clay Stan Summers 3:42
  10. Soul A Fire Stan Summers 3:58
  11. It's Coming Down Stan Summers 2:53

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stan summers music eye's everywhere


This album has the feel of a more contemporary style of music.

  1. Eyes Everywhere Stan Summers 5:10
  2. It's Coming Down Stan Summers 2:53
  3. Outrun The Wind Stan Summers 3:58
  4. Death Of The Nightrider Stan Summers 4:09
  5. Bury My Body/Not The Soul Stan Summers 4:47
  6. O' My Darlin' Stan Summers 3:38
  7. The Rose Stan Summers 3:19
  8. The Only One Stan Summers 3:20
  9. Forever Stan Summers 5:04

soul a fire by stan summers


Nominated in 2003 for best Gospel Recording by The Native American Music Awards, Stan brings you his wonderful blend of music in this album, from Blues, Country and a small touch of Rock, A great CD!

  1. Soul A Fire Stan Summers 3:57
  2. House Upon The Rock Stan Summers 4:27
  3. Stole My Heart Away Stan Summers 4:09
  4. I'm Not The Son Or God Stan Summers 3:51
  5. By Your Side Stan Summers 5:18
  6. He'll Comfort You Stan Summers 4:23
  7. Message Man Stan Summers 5:46
  8. Ready To Fly Stan Summers 3:52
  9. Just Call My Name Stan Summers 4:19
  10. Wasted Tears Stan Summers 5:50

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Let's Ride the Train - Native American Gospel Artist


This album written by Stan has a mixture of old style pentecost with an up to date sound.

  1. Train Song Stan Summers 3:57
  2. The Promised Side Stan Summers 3:46
  3. That's The Way It Is Stan Summers 3:43
  4. I Can't Sit Down Stan Summers 3:53
  5. Holy Ghost & Power Stan Summers 3:13
  6. Searchin Stan Summers 5:36
  7. Spirit Of The Lord Stan Summers 3:43
  8. 1,000 Years Stan Summers 4:51
  9. Made Out Of Clay Stan Summers 3:39


First album recorded by Stan and is still one of the most requested CD’s in his repertoire.

  1. Anointed Preaching Stan Summers 4:56
  2. You Must Not Believe Stan Summers 5:09
  3. Until I See You Stan Summers 3:49
  4. O' Sweet Spirit Stan Summers 4:38
  5. Search Me Stan Summers 4:26
  6. The Way It Is Stan Summers 5:01
  7. More To Me Stan Summers 4:13
  8. Everything For Him Stan Summers 4:41
  9. Serve The One We Love Stan Summers 5:40

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